Portsmouth’Snow stranger to cold weather! Here are scenes from around town (from the top), 1872, 1892 & circa 1900. Enjoy the wintry season and stay warm folks!

As we gather around our TV’s today to watch the 48th Superbowl, here are two glimpses from our archives of scenes from Portsmouth’s sports history.  These photos show football teams here in Portsmouth from the years 1901 and 1902.

Here is an another image scanned from our archives, dating back to almost 70 years ago today.  Even in the midst of overwhelming deadlines to build and repair ships during World War II, the Norfolk Navy Yard’s Office of of Shop Support hosted a Christmas party for its workers.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town?

As we move into the 2013 holiday season, here’s a glimpse from Portsmouth’s past.  This photograph shows a crew working to install a Santa Claus figure atop Blumberg’s Department Store at the corner of High and Effingham Streets, circa 1960.

We Remember President John F. Kennedy

On November 22, 1963, fifty years ago, the life of President John F. Kennedy was taken by assassination in Dallas, Texas.  President Kennedy represented for many Americans a hope for peace in a world stricken with anxiety about the potential of nuclear war.  Though his life, presidency and potential additional efforts towards peace were cut short, he is remembered nationally and internationally today. 

This article from the local area Ledger-Dispatch newspaper briefly covers a visit to Portsmouth by then Senator John F. Kennedy in 1957.  Kennedy was the guest speaker at a dinner hosted by the Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, and though not yet officially campaigning for President the visit likely gained him later support and votes from Portsmouth residents at the time.



After a long, hot week of work, mural artist Sam Welty completed our historical mural on the side of the museum yesterday, chronicling over 250 years of shipbuilding history in the City of Portsmouth & the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.  Come on down and see for yourself!


Local mural artist Sam Welty continued work this week to get our historical mural completed.  No rest for Sam over the Labor Day weekend however, as he expects the mural to be completed by early next week!

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